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Expense Reports


​​​​​These reports are produced in alignment with the Wellington Catholic District School Board Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Policy P.FM.F 4 as passed October 21, 2013. The Information is discl​osed under the guidelines of Ontario's Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act      R.S.O. 1990. c.M56.    Please note a blank expense report indicates no expenses required for disclosure were incurred or processed for the individual during  the reporting period.

Reporting Period 2018-2019 (Director, Superintendents & Executive Council  Staff  

​Board Members​​Sep 18​​Oct 18Nov 18​Dec 18​Jan 19​Feb 19​Mar 19​​​Apr 19​​May 19​Jun  19​Jul 19Aug 19
​​Tamara NugentSep
 OctNov DecJanFeb MarApr May Jun​ Jul Aug
​Tracy McLennanSepOctNovDec​​JanFeb​Mar​ Apr​ May​ JunJul​Aug​
Mike GlazierSepOct N​​ov​​​​​ Dec​ Jan​ Feb​ Mar​Apr​ May Jun Jul Aug
Brian CapovillaSep​Oct​Nov​​​Dec​ Jan​Feb​​ Mar Apr​ MayJun​​ Jul​Aug​
Paula DunnSepOct​​Nov​DecJan​​ FebMar​AprMayJun​​Jul​Aug​
Tim YawneySepOctNov​​ Dec​Jan​

      Eileen Clinton ​ ​      Sep​OctNovDec JanFeb​MarApr​May​Jun​Jul​​​Aug​​​

Reporting Period 2017-2018  (Director, Superintendents & Executive Council  Staff  

​Board Members​​Sep 17​​Oct 17Nov 17​Dec 17​Jan 18​Feb 18​Mar 18​​​Apr 18​​May 18​Jun  8​Jul 18Aug 18
​​Tamara NugentSep​
 Oct​Nov​ Dec Jan Feb​ MarApr​ May​ JunJul​ Aug
​Tracy McLennanSep​Oct​NovDec​Jan Feb​ MarApr​​ May​ JunJul ​Aug​
Mike GlazierSep​Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar AprMay Jun​ Jul Aug
Brian CapovillaSepOct Nov Dec​ JanFeb​ Mar​ Apr​May​Jun​​ JulAug​
Paula DunnSepOct​Nov​Dec​JanFeb​MarApr​May​Jun​​​JulAug​
Tim YawneySepOctNovDecJan​FebMar​Apr​​MayJun​Jul​​
     Eileen Clinton ​ ​       Sep​Oct​NovDec JanFebMarApr​May​Jun​Jul​​

Reporting Period 2016-2017 (Director, Superintendents & Executive Council  Staff  

​Board Members​​Sep 16​​Oct 16Nov 16​Dec 16​Jan 17​Feb 17​Mar 17​​​Apr 17​​May 17​Jun  17​Jul 17Aug 17​
​​Tamara NugentSep
​Tracy McLennan​Sep​Oct​Nov​Dec​JanFeb​MarApr​​MayJun​​​Jul​​Aug​
Mike GlazierSep​OctNov​Dec​JanFebMarAprMay​Jun​JulAug​
Brian CapovillaSepOctNov​Dec​Jan​FebMar​AprMay​Jun​​Jul​Aug​
Paula Dunn​SepOct​​Nov​Dec​JanFeb​Mar​Apr​May​Jun​​Jul​Aug​
Richard Olson​Sep​​Oct​NovDec​Jan​Feb​​Mar​Apr​​MayJun​Jul​​​Aug​​

Reporting Period 2015-2016 (Director, Superintendents & Executive Council  Staff  

​Board Members​​Sep 15​​Oct 15Nov 15​Dec 15​Jan 16​Feb 16​Mar 1​​6​Apr 16​​May 16​Jun  16​Jul 16Aug 16​
​​Tamara NugentSep
​Tracy McLennan​Sep​Oct​NovDec​JanFeb​Mar​Apr​May​Jun​​Jul​Aug​
Mike GlazierSep​Oct​Nov​Dec​JanFebMarAprMay​Jun​​Jul​Aug​
Brian CapovillaSepOctNov​Dec​Jan​FebMar​Apr​May​Jun​​Jul​Aug​
Paula Dunn​SepOct​​Nov​Dec​Jan​​Feb​MarApr​May​Jun​​Jul​Aug​