Wellington Catholic
District School Board
We have Faith in Education.
Teaching Job Postings FAQs
How do we apply to the board for teaching positio​ns?
We use www.applytoeducation.com and post all positions through the website. To apply to the board, apply electronically to any position posted on www.applytoeducation.com.

If I already have a pastoral letter of reference do I have to complete the board's pastoral letter of reference?
The board requires a pastoral letter of reference, but it does not have to be the board's pastoral form. We will accept pastoral references from other boards or a pastoral letter of reference from your priest.

How old can the pastoral reference be?
The pastoral letter of reference has to be current and can't be more than one year old.

How do I apply to daily occasional positions within the board?
The board will advertise daily occasional positions for the next school year in April through www.applytoeducation.com. We will also advertise throughout the year when the need arises.

If I have any teaching related questions, who do I contact?
Any questions can be directed to spaoli@wellingtoncdsb.ca or you can call at 519-821-4600 ext. 219.