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What is the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy ACT (MFIPPA)?​

​​​The Municipal Freedom of Information  and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) is the provincial law that requires  the protection of personal information, and provides individuals with a right of access to public  records.  MFIPPA has specific exemptions and limitations regarding access to personal information collected, used, retained, disclosed and disposed of by School Boards.


1. The public has the right to information held by institutions covered by the MFIPPA Act, and that information should be made available to the public;

2. Any person can make a request for information held by an institution covered by the Act. The Wellington Catholic District School Board is an institution under the Act;

3. Any exemptions from the right of access to information should be limited and specific;

4. Individuals have a right to the protection of personal information held by the Board;

5. Decisions to refuse access to information are reviewed independently;

​6. Any decisions relating to access to information can be reviewed by the Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario, commonly referred to as the IPC.