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Before and After School Programs

Extended Day Before/After School Program for Kindergarten Students

The Wellington Catholic District School Board is pleased to offer a fee-based Extended Day program to 4 and 5 year olds enrolled in the Full day Early Learning Program where sufficient interest exists.  This program aims to create a seamless-day approach through the coordinated efforts of the school's Kindergarten team and the extended day (before/after school) childcare program staff. 

A list of schools where the Extended Day Before/After School Care offered can be found below.  Click on the links to receive the contact information for the childcare operator responsible for offering the program.  For more information about the full day kindergarten program visit the Ministry of Education's FDK web page.  http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/kindergarten/index.html

Before/After School Care for Students Aged 6 -12

Where sufficient interest exists, licensed childcare and/or recreation program agencies provide care to school age students aged 6-12 in various schools.   A list of the schools offering such programs, including the necessary contact information and program fees can be found on the links below.  If you are interested in registering your child in a Before/After School Program, please contact the Operator (provider) directly for information.

Extended Day Programs & before & after School Care will be offered at the following:         

Holy Trinity Catholic School​                                                 Sacred Heart Catholic School Guelph

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School                                    Sacred Heart Catholic School Rockwood​

St. John Catholic School                                                         St. John Brebeuf Catholic School Erin

St. John Catholic School Arthur                                            St. Joseph Catholic School Guelph​      

St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School                                  St. Michael Catholic School  

St. Patrick Catholic School                                                      St. Paul Catholic School            

St. Peter Catholic School                                                      

Before & After School Care  ONLY is offered at the following:​

St. Joseph Catholic School Fergus​​

​Note: If a Before/After School Program is cancelled by a third party provider of before/after school programs during the school year, a replacement program may be offered (dependent on viability) however fees and hours of operation may change. 

Fee Subsidies:  If you require fee subsidies for Before/After School Programs, please contact the Children's Early Years Division at the County of Wellington. 

Before/After School Programs – General Information:

Before/After School Programs are offered in many Wellington Catholic District School Board schools.  The Board contracts third party providers of child care services to operate within our schools.  Each year the Wellington Catholic District School Board collects information via the parent survey to determine demand for programs in schools where there is not a program currently in operation. This information is collected by the school board and used in discussions with third party child care operators and staff within the County of Wellington Children's Early Years Division to assess the viability of programs. Viability is dependent on interest expressed within a school community, whether the demand is great enough for a third party child care provider to begin operation, and if there is a third party provider available. Programs are not provided where there is insufficient staffing or interest by third party child care operators.