Wellington Catholic
District School Board
We have Faith in Education.

Wellington Catholic consists of 18 elementary schools, three secondary schools and an alternative education program. The District serves the educational interests of more than 8,000 students in the City of Guelph and the County of Wellington.

In this section, you will find the following: admission guidelines, community use of school facilities, a District map, as well as, contact information and links to individual school websites.

In Ontario, Catholic schools have been educating students -mind, body and spirit- for nearly 170 years. Catholic education has been the foundation for millions of students to develop their full spiritual, academic, physical and social potential.

All Catholic teachers are professionally trained. While Wellington Catholic schools adhere to Ministry of Education requirements, Catholic curriculum is enhanced by Gospel values, and faith development is fundamental to every part of a Catholic education. Teachers, faculty and staff follow their vocation to serve in Catholic Schools.

  • Holy Rosary View Website More
    365 Stevenson Street Guelph Ontario N1E 5B7
    Principal: Gabriella Facchini
  • Holy Trinity View Website More
    487 Grange Road Guelph Ontario N1E 7C4
    Principal: MaryBeth McCuen Vice-Principal: Philip DiNucci
  • Mary Phelan View Website More
    8 Bishop Court Guelph Ontario N1G 2R9
    Principal: Linda Cotnam
  • Sacred Heart View Website More
    125 Huron Street Guelph Ontario N1E 5L5
    Principal: Nicole DeFrancesco
  • Sacred Heart Rockwood View Website More
    5146 Wellington Road 27 Rockwood Ontario N0B 2K0
    Principal: Jeanette Ondercin
  • St. Francis of Assisi View Website More
    287 Imperial Road South Guelph Ontario N1K 1Z4
    Principal: Corey Malone
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola View Website More
    251 Colonial Drive Guelph Ontario N1L 0G4
    Principal: Vincent Campolongo Vice-Principal: Andrea Welsh-Devlin
  • St. John - Arthur View Website More
    315 Tucker Street Arthur Ontario N0G 1A0
    Principal: Robert Furfaro
  • St. John - Guelph View Website More
    63 Victoria Road Guelph Ontario N1E 5G9
    Principal: Joanne Geremia Baggio Vice-Principal: Michele Hasson
  • St. John Brebeuf View Website More
    30 Millwood Road Erin Ontario N0B 1T0
    Principal: Lowell Butts
  • St. Joseph - Fergus View Website More
    150 Strathallan Street Fergus Ontario N1M 1A1
    Principal: Todd Goodwin Vice-Principal: Bryan McMillan
  • St. Joseph - Guelph View Website More
    10 Guelph Street Guelph Ontario N1H 3A1
    Principal: Brian Munaro
  • St. Mary - Elora View Website More
    251 Irvine Street Elora Ontario N0B 1S0
    Principal: David Marcoccia
  • St. Mary - Mount Forest View Website More
    390 Parkside Drive Mount Forest Ontario N0G 2L3
    Principal: Julie Vandenheuvel
  • St. Michael View Website More
    9 McElderry Road Guelph Ontario N1G 4W7
    Principal: Suzanna Majer
  • St. Patrick View Website More
    391 Victoria Road North Guelph Ontario N1E 5J9
    Principal: David Mencfeld
  • St. Paul View Website More
    182 Clairfields Drive East Guelph Ontario N1L 1N4
    Principal: Robert Della Croce
  • St. Peter View Website More
    150 Westwood Road Guelph Ontario N1H 7G1
    Principal: Don McPhee
  • Bishop Macdonell View Website More
    200 Clair Road West Guelph Ontario N1L 1G1
    Principal: Stephen Gulyas Vice-Principal: Brian Halford
  • Our Lady of Lourdes View Website More
    54 Westmount Road Guelph Ontario N1H 5H7
    Principal: Timothy Yawney Vice-Principal: Martin Bell
  • St. James View Website More
    57 Victoria Road North Guelph Ontario N1E 5G9
    Principal: Michael MacPherson Vice-Principal: Betty Farrell
  • St. John Bosco View Website More
    19 Northumberland St. Guelph Ontario N1H 3A6
    Principal: Kellie Angerilli
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