Wellington Catholic
District School Board
We have Faith in Education.
Summer School e-Learning

Course offerings for Summer School eLearning:
  • CHC2D- Canadian History
  • SNC2D- Science
  • CHV2O - Civics​
  • GLC20- Careers
  • PPZ3C- Health For Life
  • HRE3M- World Religion
  • HSP3U- Introduction to Psychology
  • MCR3U- Functions
  • ENG3U- English
  • ENG4U- English
  • PSK4U- Kinesiology
  • SPH3U- Physics​
  • CLN4U- Canadian and International Law
  • MDM4U- Data Management​
*Courses will only run if registration numbers warrant. 
​​** Access registration for Reach Ahead Summer School.​