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Summer School e-Learning


Welcome to the portal for information on Summer School eLearning. We hope to provide an exciting and robust summer elearning experience for students in order to achieve success in their courses.  The Summer eLearning Program will start July 3rd and end on July 30th. There will be a non mandatory orientation session on July 2nd at St. James Catholic School at 9:00 am until 11:00 am. We also will provide a virtual orientation session. Please sign up here​ if you need this support.​

Course Offerings 

CHC2D- Canadian History
CHV2O - Civics 
GLC20- Careers
PPZ3C- Health For Life
HRT3M- World Religion
MCR3U- Functions (has final exam)
ENG3U- English
ENG4U- English
PSK4U- Kinesiology
SPH3U- Physics (has final exam)
MDM4U- Data Management (has final exam)
* Please see your Guidance counsellor or contact Jeff. Cummings@wellingtoncdsb.ca if you would like to register

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do I have to be in attendance during a specific time?  eLearning is a flexible learning environment where students can access material on their own during the day. It is highly recommended that you complete work each day during Summer eLearning and check for messages in order to ensure maximal success. 
  2. What if I have to missed extended period of time for camp activity? The eLearning experience is crafted individually by each teacher. While they promote flexibility, it will be important to connect with your teacher with these questions, but typically students are able to access course content and assignments to fit their own timing, and accomodations can be made as long as students are able to keep up with deadlines in courses. 
  3. I want to move ahead in my course quickly. How do I obtain permission to accelerate through the course? ​Many elearning courses work in asynchronous (daily activity and similar class pace). Some teachers allow for more of a self direct learning experience, which allows lessons to be released if a student wishes to work ahead. It is entirely the discretion of the teacher as to whether they allow an accelerated pace for students, or if their course requires the asynchronous model.
  4. What do I do if I need to withdraw from a course?  If you need to withdraw, please make sure that you immediately contact Jeff.Cummings@wellingtoncdsb.ca in order to ensure you are removed from the class and a mark is not assigned. 
  5. Does my course have a final exam? ​Most of courses utilize Culminating Activities on a Project Based Learning approach which can be completed in an ongoing fashion beginning at the start of the course. SPH3U, MCR3U, and MDM4U do have face to face final exams at St. James Catholic High School on July 29th at 9:00 am.  If you are an out of board student, you can arrange a proctor. Please email  Jeff.Cummings@wellingtoncdsb.ca for more detail.
  6. What is the full disclosure date in Summer eLearning?  July 15th, 2019
  7. How do receive my report card? ​Your report card will be sent to your home school Guidance department and your home address.
  8. Will I need to buy a textbook? All of your text material will be available in the online environment. The only thing you need access to is a device which contains a browser. Your productivity suites (GSuite and O365) are cloud based and will be accessible to in board and out of board students.
  9. What if I am on an IEP? There is a possibility that your teacher may not have received your IEP. The Administrator of Summer School will provide your teacher with a copy of your IEP prior to start of program. Please email Sandra.Cummings@wellingtoncdsb.ca to share that you are on an IEP.