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The Cannabis Conversation

October 16, 2018

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Tuesday October 16, 2018 

To our Wellington Catholic School Communities, 

RE: The Cannabis Conversation 

The upcoming changes to the cannabis legislation have been a priority conversation in the Wellington Catholic District School Board for the past year. We have been working closely with our schools and community partners to prepare our students, parents/guardians, and school staff so they can be knowledgeable in the conversation about cannabis. 
Resources developed by our local Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health department, such as the Public Service Announcement videos at www.talkingaboutweed.ca were designed for youth by youth. They provide accurate and balanced information to stimulate meaningful conversations about healthy choices.

Guidelines developed for Canadian parents and guardians are provided to help families to engage their children in helpful conversations about cannabis. This resource can be located at: https://www.drugfreekidscanada.org/wpcontent/uploads/2017/06/34-17-1850-Cannabis-Talk-Kit-EN10.pdf​. Training and resources are being provided to administrators, educators, and support staff so that they are informed and able to facilitate constructive conversations about cannabis. All training and resources are intended to support the healthy development of our students and address student safety and well-being. Our students will learn to apply health knowledge and living skills to make reasoned decisions and take appropriate actions. As part of our ongoing practice, our social workers and community addictions partners will continue to support individuals who struggle with issues of substance use and misuse.

One of our priorities is to ensure our schools are safe and healthy learning environments. We are in the process of updating our Safe Schools policies to reflect the most recent changes in the Education Act. These include changes to the provincial code of conduct that discourages the use of cannabis, except for the medical cannabis user. Added to the list of activities leading to possible suspension is possessing and being under the influence of cannabis. Possible suspensions of a more serious nature include giving cannabis to a minor.

Together, students, parents, and all school staff can create a community that is safe, informed, aware, and places healthy choices and well-being at the fore of the cannabis conversation.  We are ready for the conversation. Are you?

Please contact me at the school board office should you have any questions or concerns.

Tim Yawney Assistant Superintendent of Education 

Attachments:  Resources 

The Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Grades 1 to 8:

The Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Grades 9 to 12:

Public Health Approach to Cannabis Legalization in Canada:

Wellington Catholic District School Board Safe Schools – Code of Conduct (to be updated) http://www.wellingtoncdsb.ca/BoardOffice/Policies/Documents/P.SMW.E.4%20Safe%20Schools%20Code%20of%20Conduct.pdf http://www.wellingtoncdsb.ca/BoardOffice/Policies/Documents/P.SMW.E.4%20Safe%20Schools%20Code%20of%20Conduct.pdf