Bishop Macdonell
Wellington Catholic District School Board
Wisdom, Honour, Courage
Excellence is not a single event or big spectacle, instead, it is a series of good habits refined and exercised every day...
On behalf of all of us whose blood runs Celtic Blue around here, we welcome you to another wonderful beginning and NEW opportunity as we say in Link-lingo, “TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN”!
The goal of this page is to share with you our vision of who we hope to be as a community and how all are invited to the table to become an important part of that.  It’s been said that “the hand is 40% stronger than any individual finger alone,” and so at Bishop Mac, we believe that we can become a stronger family if we always pray, work, learn, succeed and suffer together.   On the other hand, when individual recognition or difficult situations arise, we believe in a culture that always works from peoples’ strengths to meet life’s challenges in a Christ-Centered and optimistic way.   

Handbook Sections Description
​Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting:
Guiding Principals, Learning Skills, Academic Honesty, and Late and Missed Assignments
​Guidance and Student Services:
Learn about the OSSD Program, our Guidance services, homework help, and volunteer opportunities.
We succeed at our best potential when our attendance is at our fullest potential!
​Dress Code
Dress Code.pdf
Dress code specifics, spirit day expectations, PE uniforms, Infractions, etc.
DIscipline and Safe Schools
A good learning environment is a safe environment .
Extra-Curricular School Life
Information on teams and clubs - GET INVOVLED!!

In the end, if we can strive to live up to the words of Celtic Alumnus Cardinal Collins, “let us not love things and use people, instead, let us love people and use things,” than we can certainly all come together to create a year that can forever be remembered as achieving Wisdom, Honour and Courage at school, at home and in life. 
God has created you to discover and share the many talents, skills and values you possess, and we challenge each and every one of you to BE THE CHANGE this school year.  Have a terrific year Celtics!