Bishop Macdonell
Wellington Catholic District School Board
Wisdom, Honour, Courage
Celtic Athletics is Christ-centered, promoting a high standard of ethics and development of good character, while providing an added dimension to the students’ overall educational experience. This is achieved when all coaches, teachers, parents, and student athletes are committed to pursuing victory both in the classroom and on the court, according to the following sportsmanship traits:
Respect – Golden Rule.
Courage – to try, risk, contribute in different ways in reaching your fullest potential.
Honour – inner strength and integrity to do what is right.
Accountability – showing reliability, consistency, independence and ownership of your actions.
Self-Discipline – maintain self-control while striving for excellence.
Ambassadorship – representing Celtic values wherever you are, whenever and for whatever.
Catholicity – to transform your definition of personal success, to nurture hope and optimism in you and others, to have a place and part within a team or larger community.
• Improve both physical and communication skills.
• Develop self-esteem and self-confidence.
• Develop tolerance for others and for different levels of ability.
• Develop a sense of sportsmanship, fair-play, and sports etiquette.
• Develop a healthy respect for self, team, and others.
• Compete to the best of their abilities as individuals and as team. members.
• To dedicate themselves to improve and be the best they can be.
• To become ambassadors who share their knowledge, skills, and successes with the school and local community.