Bishop Macdonell
Wellington Catholic District School Board
Wisdom, Honour, Courage
"Be the difference and change you want to see in the world today..."
Celtics Without Borders is Bishop Macdonell’s student-run social justice group. Our focus ranges from local issues such as poverty and inequality to global issues such HIV/AIDS, peace and disarmament, fair trade, and access to education and water. Our activities through the year range from an annual Dance-a-Thons to bake sales, to political activism, to awareness and education of our school and our selves. We also travel to hear guest speakers, educate ourselves about issues, and celebrate world leaders in social justice with the Celtic Courage Award for Social Justice. Over the past few years Celtics Without Borders has brought to our school honoured guests such as Father Francisco VanderHoff, Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik, Sister Cyril Mooney, Stephen Lewis, and Dr. James Orbinski.  All Christians are called to build a better world -- one of justice, equality and dignity for everyone. To this end, Celtics Without Borders welcomes every student, and we are committed to helping all students speak up and make a powerful difference in the world.