Bishop Macdonell
Wellington Catholic District School Board
Wisdom, Honour, Courage
Theme of our retreats!
Grade 9:
Using well-known gospel stories we focus on the importance of and need for Friendship; Finding your way in new situations; building a personal community; realizing that others are there in times of need;
Grade 10:
Linking Science with Faith we explore the Creation story in connection with the process of evolution; (Stations of the Cosmos); We also reflect on the North American Native Spirituality of respect for nature. This encourages our students to become good stewards of the Earth.
Grade 11:
The grade 11 course explores religious diversity and gives students an experience of World Religions.  This fosters acceptance of all and a deeper understanding of various beliefs and practices.
Grade 12:
(Advent retreat) This retreat focuses on Keeping Christ in Christmas, and addresses the issue of consumerism in a world where there is so much economic inequality.  It helps us to find personal ways to show our love for others.
(Year end retreat)  Students are encouraged to take the Christian values they have learned and move into a new and exciting future as they leave Bishop Mac.  (Oh God--Now What?!?!!? ) The friendships they have formed will continue to be supports for them as they move on to future pursuits.
(Overnight Retreats) These provide an alternate retreat experience in that they are spent in downtown Toronto speaking and interacting with some of the city’s most marginalized citizens.  The students are offered this rare opportunity to spend an overnight session with two individuals who have lived the better part of their lives on the street…and tell it how it is.   A real eye-opener for our students!
Most  of these retreats incorporate an experience of the outdoors either at St. Brigid’s or at Crieff Hills.  Special significance is the awe and wonder of God’s creation in sun, rain, wind, and snow! 
Students are given time to reflect in groups and individually. 
Everyone is literally’ invited to the table’ at lunch where a meal is shared with all.  Desserts are brought in by the students and offered to all.
This is a time for everyone (students, teachers, chaplain) to spend a day away from school and use a different set of skills (non-academic, interpersonal skills)  in this unstructured setting.
In other words, it’s good training for LIFE! 
A preparation of the WHOLE PERSON
(spirit, body, and mind) for adulthood...