Bishop Macdonell
Wellington Catholic District School Board
Wisdom, Honour, Courage
"Our students are never at risk, in fact, they are always at promise..."
 Student Success
~We Love Your Potential~
 What is a Student Success Room?
          A place where students can get help
What is a Student Success Teacher?
A caring adult whose role it is to monitor and support all students, and their teachers. Credit recovery is also offered through Student Success—if a student is unsuccessful in a course they may have the option to recover the missed portions of that credit.   
·       A quiet place to work
·       One-on-one support from a teacher
·       A list of tutors
·       A list of all clubs, teams, and activities
·       Essay writing and editing
·       French & Spanish educational supports
·       Shakespeare Guides (No Fear Shakespeare)
·       Computers, a printer, and a resource board
·       Digital recorders (for oral testing purposes)
·       A reading nook
·       Supplies for assignments and projects
·       A welcome package for new students
Open every day, lunch included as well after school.