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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to St. John Bosco!

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Registration for St. John ​Bosco Secondary School is by REFERRAL ONLY.  


The Referral Process...

The referral process begins at the student's home school or in conjunction with their current community partners.  Once the student is prepared to investigate St. John Bosco as an alternate educational setting, the student's Principal or community partner submits the referral form (See Below) and all of the required supporting documents to the main office or via FAX (519-824-9823. 

Once the referral is received, and a space is available, St. John Bosco will invite the student and their parents/guardians, school support staff and community partners to take a tour and participate in an intake meeting.  The intake meeting provides St. John Bosco with the opportunity to get to know the student being referred and to determine if St. John Bosco is the best fit for the student's current academic, social-emotional and mental health needs.  Acceptance to the program is granted to those students who are truly committed to the philosophy of our program and for whom we are able to effectively educate with the programming and supports available on site.  

Referrals are accepted from...

  • Bishop Macdonell CHS - Student Success Team

  • Our Lady of Lourdes CHS - Student Success Team

  • St. James CHS - Student Success Team

  • Elementary Schools within the WCDSB (Grade 8 to 9 Transition Students Only)


OR... for students outside the WCDSB, we accept referrals from our community partners including:

  • Family & Children's Services Guelph/Wellington and Other
  • Canadian Mental Health Association 
  • Family Counselling & Support Services
  • Guelph Police Services IMPACT Team

Referral Forms  

​IMPORTANT:  The program at St. John Bosco is currently full.  You are more than welcome to submit a referral and come for a tour; however, new referrals that arrive after March 1, 2019 will be placed on a waitlist.  Students that meet all of the program criteria will only be contacted once a space opens up.  All referrals that remain on the list in May and June will be considered for September 2019.   ​The updated referral form is located below. 

 2019-2020Referral Package -  ​Referral Form 2019'20 March 2019 FINAL.pdf

                                                                   Referral Form 2019'20 March 2019 FINAL.docx


2019-2020 Secondary Registration Forms - 1.1 Secondary Registration Form Bosco.docx


​Who Can St. John Bosco Support?

​St John Bosco can provide a supportive, welcoming community to students who...​

  • ​can work independently with minimal support,
  • like to work at their own pace but with other learners, 
  • need a flexible, supportive environment but some structure in their days, 
  • want to help build a safe, welcoming environment,
  • are coping with mental health challenges,
  • are learning to self-regulate and manage their emotions, 
  • are receiving help for substance use/misuse, and,
  • are actively working on their well-being.


St John Bosco cannot provide sufficient support to ensure safety and/or success for students who...

  • require intensive, one-to-one, academic support to learn,
  • cannot function well in the company of other learners,
  • cannot tolerate flexibility or cannot cope with minimal structure,
  • are severely emotionally or behaviourally dysregulated, 
  • are actively violent, aggressive, or threatening to others, 
  • are in acute phases of severe mental illness,
  • have active, severe, substance use issues, and 
  • are not actively receiving treatment. 


Please be aware that St. John Bosco offers a variety of course selections in the locally developed, college and university pathways; however, we are not currently able to offer French, Music, Drama, Senior University Level  Science Courses or onsite courses in the skilled trades.  We do, however, have access to all of the WCDSB District Programs, Co-op and Dual Credit as note in the WCDSB Course Calendar.