Strengths in Education
Administrator Initiatives

Running a strength based school is about how we communicate and about what drives our decision making...

Scroll down this page to find information about discipline, attendance, intake, and collaborative consultations.  An administrator at a strength-based school should also consider strengths in all areas of leading a school, including staffing decisions, budget decisions, and activity decisions. 


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Discipline - it's different at a strength-based school:

Most traditional approaches to discipline issues are not effective in the long run. The goal of an administrator should be to work with students to change behaviour in the long-term.  If the students feel valued, respected, and listened to, they might be receptive to the message. To make the interaction even more effective, however, an administrator can use a strength-based approach. All students have tools in the form of strengths, a good administrator can discover the strengths and link them to a plan of action.  The students leave the interaction feeling better about themselves (rather than worse), and leave feeling that they can succeed. 

We all need to be accountable for our actions, students included. Administrators should be asking themselves, however, what type of intervention will have the most lasting effect on the student. If an administrator is aware of a student's strengths, the conversation is very different - the consequence is secondary. Strengths and support are at the forefront.
Steve Gulyas, Vice Principal of Bishop Macdonell, talks about what is focused on when student do get sent to the office for a behavioural issue.
Alexandra Fitzpatrick, teacher from St. John Bosco, discusses the importance and content of behaviour review meetings.


Dealing with Attendance Issues:

Richard Olson, Vice Principal at Bishop Macdonell, highlights the importance of examining and using a student's strengths in order to maintain attendance and/or a way to improve attendance:


Student Intake: Learn about their strengths...

First, read below to explore neurodiversity and strengths ....

Thoughts on the intake of students:

Richard Olson, Vice Principal at Bishop Macdonell, talks about how learning each student's stengths will assist in helping support their development through adolescence:
St. John Bosco has a rolling intake system where students often join the school during the school year.  It is essential that the staff are aware of the strengths of each incoming student so that the student will feel welcome and have an opportunity for immediate success:  


Collaborative Consultations:

Collaborative consultations are key at St. John Bosco, which is an alternative education centre.  Watch the video to the left to see a typical consultation session between staff.

Expressing Gratitude:

Expressing gratitude is a way to appreciate ourselves and others on a daily basis. The power of gratitude can change the school and help retain more effective educators, build stronger relational trust, and help develop a culture that focuses on the positive in all adults and children. For more ways to help students and adults practice gratitude, click on link just below!