Strengths in Education

Hear from our students:

Catch a glimpse of our schools as you hear quotes from St. John Bosco and Bishop Macdonell students...


Hear from our staff:


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A Strengths Prayer:

Please scroll through the prayer below that incorporates the VIA Character Strengths. You can download a PowerPoint version (found below the Scribd slideshow) .
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“It’s like a family here. Everyone looks out for each other and I like that about our school.”

“No matter what, they know what’s happened to you, they know who you are, they know all your mistakes, they don’t care about that, they’re still good to you and they still try and help you instead of bring you down you know, they’re always bringing you up.”

“Helping different students with different learning because people progress differently, and people work differently.”

“We’re all supportive of each other”