Catholic Education Week: We Are Many, We Are One

In honour of Catholic Education Week, we will be highlighting current staff members who make an extraordinary contribution to our schools!

As secretary of St. Patrick Catholic School, Mrs. Hennick is an amazing person who extends all of her gifts and talents to students, staff and families. Her strong faith and commitment to Catholic education is witnessed daily. Her welcoming smile and cheery demeanor brightens the day of each person who enters the main office.  Kathryn Hennick is extremely organized and her attention to detail is second to none.  Kathryn goes above and beyond to ensure the main office, and everything that goes on behind the scenes, runs smoothly each and every day. We are grateful for Mrs. Hennick! 

If you have called into the Wellington Catholic DSB or visited our Catholic Education Centre, it is very likely that you had the opportunity to speak with Timea Jablanski! As receptionist, Timea is the first point of contact for the Wellington community! She goes above and beyond to assist and help visitors, and creates a wonderful and welcoming environment for staff to work in. Timea is known for extending past her duties to make each and everyone’s day a little easier. We are so grateful for Timea being a part of our Wellington Catholic community.

Tanya Murphy’s dedication to supporting students is visibly apparent on a day-to-day basis as SERT at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School. Tanya can be hard to track down at school because she is always on the go both working with students academically or coordinating and volunteering her time for extracurricular activities. Tanya has relationships with so many students because of her presence within the building. Tanya supports our Social Justice Club, Cross Country, and Track Team, Best Buddies Program, You're the Chef Program, and our Life Skills Program (to name a few). We're proud of her work ethic and the extraordinary impact she brings to our Falcon Family.

Linda DiCarlo, Child and Youth Worker at St. John Catholic Elementary School in Guelph creates amazing connections and relationships with students in order to support their mental well-being and makes parents who are also going through these difficult times with their children feel heard, supported and cared for. Linda is always available for her students and families, taking real, action-focused approaches to give students strategies for coping and well-being.  Linda goes above and beyond for staff as well, and is a very valuable asset here at St. John.  We thank Linda every day for the work she does with the students and their families and we cannot express to her enough just how much she is appreciated.

Robert Della Croce has been an integral member of the Wellington Catholic DSB team for over 25 years. Rob is an exceptional educator who instils faith teachings into every aspect of his role as Principal at Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School. Of the many examples of this, Rob hosted a faith day during Holy Week, personally attends faith outings with students, and instils a sense of community among all staff and students. He goes above and beyond to grow faith, we are so grateful for his commitment to the Wellington Catholic community.

Krista Phillips, Educational Assistant at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School in Guelph is one of the kindest, most compassionate individuals in our school. She comes to school each day with a smile and cheery disposition. Krista has held several roles within our school, from Student Supervisor to Classroom & Student Supervisor, to supply EA and now as a permanent EA. Regardless of role, she helps everyone, and goes above and beyond in her daily work. She is always willing to lend a hand to both staff and students in whatever capacity they need.  Krista looks out for her colleagues and always steps in to support them without taking over.  She is someone who we can count on to lift our spirits even on the toughest of days.  Krista attends and helps out at our school events outside of school time to continue to support the wider school community.  She truly cares for the children she supports and is always looking for new ways to help them learn and grow.  We are very blessed to have Krista as a Sacred Heart Flame! 

As grade 8 teacher at St. John Brebeuf Catholic Elementary School, Lucas LeBlanc is an above and beyond educator at SJB. His ability to meet each child's needs in the classroom is exceptional. He plans, delivers and assesses dynamic lessons and activities, is involved in ongoing professional learning and is a part of our school improvement team. He is a valued educator who makes a difference daily at St. John Brebeuf with both our students and his colleagues.