Catholic Education Centre

The Wellington Catholic District School Board has been reviewing options to consolidate our Catholic Education Centre office property holdings at 59, 69 and 75 Woolwich Street to create operational efficiencies and address accessibility needs for our staff and the public at an alternative location. As communicated in June 2022, the Wellington Catholic DSB circulated the Board office properties in compliance with Regulation 444/98 and the County of Wellington, which currently has its main office across the street from our Board Offices, expressed an interest in our current buildings.  We have entered into an agreement with the County of Wellington to purchase our properties at 59, 69, and 75 Woolwich Street.   

After an extensive search, we have found a space for a new Catholic Education Centre that addresses current needs and future growth.  The new location for the Catholic Education Centre will be at 255 Speedvale Ave. West and we anticipate moving into the new location for September. The transition to our new space will occur over a number of months and we will be communicating more information about this new location and timelines in advance of our move.  We are very excited about the prospects of this move and the benefits of accessibility features and efficiencies that the new location will provide.