St. Peter Catholic Elementary Students Graduate from Fanjoy Junior Chef Program

Students at St. Peter Catholic Elementary School capped their experience cooking up some new life skills this past spring, with a special showcase and graduation from the Fanjoy Junior Chef Program.

“We are always looking for experiences for our students to help them bring the learning in their classroom alive. The Fanjoy Junior Chef Program is a unique experience that allows students to learn new skills, apply the skills and strengths they have and to begin to think about possible career opportunities,” shared Mary Beth McCuen, principal of St. Peter CS.

Piloted this year at St. Peter CS, the Fanjoy Junior Chef Program led by Chef Pam Fanjoy provided youth with innovative cooking classes and therapeutic programs that build confidence, increases social connection and teaches healthy life skills for optimal mental health. 

“When youth feel that they belong and can feed their body, mind and soul, they will thrive and reach their potential,” shared Chef Pam Fanjoy.

Offered to just under fifty students, the Fanjoy Junior Chef Program operated once a week to students in groups of eight. To be selected for the program, students completed an application and then went through an interview process with Chef Pam Fanjoy and school staff.

“Many of our students mentioned that they are especially happy about being able to help out with cooking at home,” explained McCuen.

Today’s special showcase shared dishes with family and community members that the students learned to cook throughout the program before being honoured with a graduation certificate from the Fanjoy Junior Chef Program.

“We are so excited about the possibilities that the Junior Chef program will bring to our community and grateful to be able to bring this experience to our students and families,” said McCuen.