Register for Stress Busters Program July 10th-July 14th

Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada is delivering a virtual program for kids in Grades 4-6 in the Wellington Catholic District School Board.

Stress Busters was designed from our evidence-based Kids Have Stress Too! (KHST!) program with an added peer-to-peer support component to help kids put their learning into practice. This program has had a positive impact on children’s ability to identify and manage their stress. It provides children and their families with education and support to help them build stress management skills and to foster resilience.


  • What stress is and how it impacts our mind, body, emotions, and behaviour
  • Reflect on stressful situations and think about ways to cope
  • Learn simple breathing exercises tohelp manage stress
  • Learn to react to situations in a morepositive way
  • Help support your child’s stress management and well-being
  • Think about worries and fears in arealistic and productive way
  • Kids learn to break down problemsso they can address themproactively
  • Explore creative self-expression as an effective stress buster
  • Kids learn how to give and receive support by talking, listening, and connecting

Sessions will be on zoom every day from 1:00 pm-2:00pm ET

Day 1: Monday, July 10th
Day 2: Tuesday, July 11th
Day 3: Wednesday, July 12th
Day 4: Thursday, July 13th
Day 5: Friday, July 14th