Back to School Reminders from the City of Guelph

Cycling to school

If you’re on the road cycling to school, you are to obey the rules of the road for vehicle traffic. Do not turn and ride through a pedestrian crossing while on the road with traffic, other vehicles may not anticipate this move and you put yourself in a dangerous situation.

If you’re cycling on the sidewalk and approach a pedestrian crossing without a cyclist crossing, all cyclists must dismount and walk their bicycle through the pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian signal (walk/flashing don’t walk) operation

All traffic signals have pedestrian signals (Walk/Flashing Don’t Walk) to inform pedestrians when they are legally permitted to cross. Traffic signals are designed for pedestrian and vehicle movements.  It is important that pedestrians and vehicles obey their individual rules of the road.

Pedestrian rules or instructions are listed on the pedestrian button at each traffic signal. Below is a summary.

Walk – proceed to cross – legally permitted to cross.

Flashing hand /count down – do not enter the crossing, wait for the next signal. Not legally permitted to start crossing.

Solid hand – do not enter the crossing.

NOTE: If your traffic signal crossing has an adult guard, they are to stay in the crossing until all pedestrians reach the end of the crossing safely.  If you start walking out during the flashing hand or the count down, this does not allow enough time for your adult guard to exit safely before the traffic signal changes.  Let’s keep our community safe on our way to and from school!