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Financial Information


Designated BPS organizations must post additional business or financial documents that contain at minimum the following information: 

  • a description of key activities over the previous fiscal year of the organization 
  • an analysis of operational performance 
  • a discussion of performance targets achieved and actions to be taken if not achieved 
  • audited financial statements 

An organization’s annual report may be used to satisfy this requirement if it contains this information. 

Board Compliance:

Budget and Financial Statements 

On this page you can find financial reports and documents related to the Wellington Catholic District School Board for the years indicated:

​​​​Expense Reports

The following reports are produced in alignment with the Wellington Catholic District School Board Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Policy P.FM.F 4 as passed October 21, 2013. The Information is disclosed under the guidelines of Ontario's Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act R.S.O. 1990. c.M56. Please note a blank expense report indicates no expenses required for disclosure were incurred or processed for the individual during the reporting period.  

Reporting Period 2020-2021 (Director and Superintendents)
​Staff Members ​​Sep 20​ ​Oct 20 Nov 20 ​Dec 20 ​Jan 21 ​Feb 21 ​Mar 21​​ ​Apr 21 ​​May 21 ​Jun 21 ​Jul 21 Aug 21
​​Mike Glazier Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
​Tracy McLennan ​Sep Oct ​Nov Dec ​Jan Feb Mar Apr ​May Jun Jul ​Aug​
Tyrone Dowling ​​Sep Oct Nov Dec​ Jan​ Feb​ Mar ​Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Brian Capovilla Sep​ Oct Nov Dec​ Jan​ Feb​​ Mar ​Apr May Jun ​Jul ​Aug​
Michelle Sawa Sep Oct Nov ​Dec Jan​ Feb Mar ​Apr May Jun ​​Jul ​Aug​