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The Early Years

Successful Transition to Junior Kindergarten

Prepare for Change
  • Be positive about school. Stress opportunities to make new friends, learn and have fun.
  • Practice walking to school or to the bus stop before school starts.
  • Take photos of the classroom and review on a regular basis leading up to the first day.
  • Discuss basic safety rules and school arrival and dismissal routines.
  • Discuss and regularly review with your child which adult is responsible for school pick up and drop off.
  • Maintain a regular bedtime and wake-up schedule required for school before the school year begins.
Build Independence
  • Encourage independent preparation to begin the day through dressing, teeth brushing, toilet use, hand washing etc.
  • Organize belongings so they can be found in the same place and put away without adult assistance. Cupboards within reach, hooks at child appropriate height and use of low stools may be helpful.
  • Practice packing and unpacking school bag
  • Ensure snacks and lunch containers are easy to open and accessible.
  • Practice reciting important information about allergies or food restrictions.
Academic Skills Start at Home
  • Read regularly and discuss pictures and stories
  • Point our environmental print like stop signs, exit signs etc.
  • Discuss environmental symbols, labels and numbers.
  • Provide crayons, pencils, markers, paper, scissors, glue and encourage discussion about creations.
  • Encourage your child to recite first and last name, to recognize their name in print in both upper and lower case letters i.e. Jane or John.
  • Recite nursery rhymes and simple songs.
  • Orally count to 10.
  • Encourage the recognition of basic colours.

Parental Involvement
  • Speak to your child about school events and read school newsletters.
  • Visit the school and take part in classroom events.
  • Meet the classroom teacher if questions or concerns arise.
  • Attend open house evenings, school events, observation days and parent/teacher conferences.
  • Participate in the Catholic School Council.
  • Consider volunteering in the school or your child’s classroom.
  • Inform the school of changes in your child’s routine: sleeping, eating, pick-up or drop-off.
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