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The Umbrella Project

Each month we focus on providing practical parenting and classroom tools to build a different skill that the research shows us is an important piece of our umbrella of wellbeing.

We are excited to provide you with lots of options and ideas to support these important skills at home. We recommend you choose the ideas that fit best with your unique family.

Parenting energy is precious and we really can not do it all. What we can do is recognize our children's strengths, the holes in their umbrellas and the parenting tools that will best help us support them as individuals to become stronger and more resilient in the face of life's challenges.



October: Cognitive Flexibility
This month the Umbrella Project will focus on building cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility helps children navigate this uncertainty and feel like they have more options when faced with challenges. As things change around them, they need to change in order to maintain their wellbeing.
With cognitive flexibility children learn the ability to change strategies when faced with new and unexpected situations, make sense of the unfamiliar and thrive in uncertainty.
Cognitive flexibility is important for innovating, coming up with new ideas and solving problems, and is essential to creativity. It will also help them understand people and situations that are different from theirs and improve their relationships.


September: Introduction to the Umbrella Project


Welcome to the Umbrella Project! September is a time of many mixed feelings as kids head back to school, especially after a year of uncertainty with COVID-19.

Typically in September,  routines are re-established and warm summer days cool into fall. While many parents relish the structure of the school year, it also comes with a ramping up of activities, homework, friend dynamics, new teachers and many other things that require our parenting energy. This parenting energy may or may be harder this year given the year of difficulties we have experienced with the ups and downs of COVID-19.

The Umbrella Project is dedicated to helping families better navigate the ups and downs of life while building the important skills that help us thrive in all types of weather. We call these skills Umbrella Skills because much like an umbrella, they help to protect us when life is rainy and challenging. We want children to feel empowered in all kinds of weather instead of spending their lives trying to avoid the rain.

edge mutualThank you Edge Mutual , your generous sponsorship has allowed us to deliver The Umbrella Project to all of our students.