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GRADE 8-9 Transition

Peer Mentoring Program for Grade 9 Students

The transition from grade 8 to high school is a big change for most students. There are more hallways, classrooms, teachers and other students than there were in elementary school. There are uniforms and decisions to make about what classes to take and co-curricular activities to join. Grade eight students, accustomed to being the oldest at their sHereIAmchool, over the summer suddenly become the youngest students again at their new school.

The Link Crews at Bishop Macdonell and Lourdes and the Cub Crew at St. James help make all those changes seem a little easier to manage. Before school begins in the Fall, grade nine students come to their high school and interact with Link or Cub Leaders – trained high school students who act as positive role models, motivators, and mentors.  They interact with the grade 9 students to help them discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school. In addition, it is a great excuse for everyone to have a lot of fun.​