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Welcome to the eLearning program at Wellington Catholic District School Board! We​ hope you have a​n exciting learning experience that will be engaging and supports your need for flexibility and choice of learning style. ​
The e-Learning program provides full online courses ​​​on a semestered basis through asynchronous delivery. Stude​​nts can work through self-pace​d activities which focus o​n achievement of learning expectations rather than time spent in classroom. Our teachers are certified, experienced and committed to student success through a quality eLearning experience. ​​ There are 2 elearning options through Summer School and Day School eLearning. Please proceed to these areas for specific information.
You need to go to your Guidance Department to sign up for eLearning. Once you have been confirmed in an eLEARNING course by your Guidance Counsellor, you can use your board login credentials to access the Virtual Learning Environment (Brightspace By D2L). Before you begin your courses it is important that you the login letter to learn about course timing, review the support videos, and read guidelines for elearning in order to be successful.
Login Letter Support Elearning Guidelines​​