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Policies and Procedures

The Wellington Catholic District School Board is currently developing various policies and administrative procedures that guide staff in the implementation of Board or Ministry of Education initiatives. All policies are governed by the Board’s Mission Statement and guiding principles.

100BP Policy Development 
101BP Policy on Exceptions to Policies 
102BP Mission Statement 
103BP Code of Ethics and Conduct for Catholic Trustees 
104BP Situations Not Covered by the Board Policy 
105BP Appointment to Fill a Vacancy on the Board 
106BP Delegations to the Board 
107BP Trustee Honorarium 
108BP Student Trustee Representation
109BP Use of Corporate Resources for Elections
110BP Complaints Resolution
200BP Naming of Schools or Educational Facilities 
201BP Opening and Closing Exercises 
202BP School Administration During Principal's Absence 
203BP Student Personal Information 
204BP Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
205BP Distribution of Materials_Presentations by External Groups
206BP Records Management
207BP Inclement Weather Procedures
208BP Flying of the National Flag
209BP Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
210BP Appropriate Use of Information Technologies and Electronic Monitoring
211BP Smoking
301BP Student Expulsion
302BP Safe Schools - Code of Conduct
303BP Pupil Transportation
304BP Resuscitation of Terminally Ill Students
305BP Faith, Learning and Achievement
306BP Religious Accommodation
307BP Safe Arrival Program
308BP Dress Code for Students
309BP Field Trips and Excursions
310BP Food and Beverage
311BP Health and Physical Education Safety Guidelines
312BP Admission of Students to Wellington Catholic School
313BP School Attendance Areas
314BP School Attendance
315BP Student Suspension
316BP Bullying Prevention and Intervention
317BP Progressive Discipline and Promoting Positive Student Behaviour
318BP Concussion Protocol
319BP Prevalent Medical Conditions
320BP Administration of Medication to Students
321BP Child Abuse and Protection
322BP Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals in Schools
323BP Student Accident Insurance
324BP Head Lice Control
400BP Health and Safety
401BP Accident Prevention Reporting and Investigation
402BP Conflict of Interest
403BP Pre-Employment Screening Practices
404BP Hiring Practices
405BP Respectful Working and Learning Environments
406BP Workplace Violence Prevention
407BP Fifth Disease Protocols for Schools
408BP Employees Seeking or Holding Public Office, Appointments to Boards or Associations
409BP Hiring Promotion and Placement of Close Relatives
410BP Police Record Checks
411BP Transfer of Principals and Vice Principals
412BP Attendance Support Program
413BP Compensatory Leave
414BP Personal Leaves of Absence
415BP Military Reservist Leave
416BP Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
417BP Disconnecting from Work Policy
418BP Remote Work
500BP Community Use of Schools
501BP Catholic Schools Council
502BP Accessibility - Integrated Accessibility Standards
503BP Volunteers in Schools
504BP Donations-Sponsorships-Agreements-Partnerships in Catholic Education
505BP Research Projects in Schools
506BP Partnerships w. Local Agencies
600BP Environmental Responsibility
601BP Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning
602BP Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
603BP Exemption from Instruction Related to the Human Development and Sexual Health Expectations in The Ontario Curriculum Health and Physical Education, Grades 1-8, 2019
604BP Requirements for Remote Learning
605BP Assessment Evaluation and Reporting
606BP Selection of Learning Materials and Resources
607BP Secondary School Community Involvement Activities
608BP First Nations, Métis and Inuit Self-Identification
700BP Alternative Arrangements for School Facilities
701BP Pupil Accommodation Review
702BP Facility Partnerships
703BP Naming of Portion of a Board Facility or Board Property
704BP Video Surveillance
705BP Access to School Premises
800BP Lottery Licensing
801BP Sharing the Cost of Snow Clearing
802BP Signing Officers
803BP Expense Reports
804BP Managing School Based Funds
805BP Tangible Capital Asset
806BP Purchasing
807BP Petty Cash
808BP Cell Phone - Smart Device Reimbursement
809BP Reimbursement of Expenses
810BP Hospitality
811BP In-service and Committee Meetings
812BP Fees for Learning Materials and Activities
813BP Advertising
814BP Advocacy
815BP Acceptance of Donations Gifts and Equipment