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Non-Teaching Job Postings FAQs

Wha​​t positions fall under non-teaching?
​Permanent positions include Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Secretaries/Receptionists, Custodians & Maintenance Staff, as well as Superintendents, Managers, Supervisors and Clerical Support.  Casual/temporary positions include Supply Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators & Secretaries, Non-Teaching Supervisors and Tutors.

Where are non-teaching positions posted?
Non-teaching positions can be found here on our website.  Other locations include and Apply to Education

Do you keep my resume or do I need to resubmit every time I apply?
Please resubmit your resume with supporting documents for each posting you apply to.

As a Supply EA/ECE/Secretary, do I need to apply to any new permanent positions postings?
Yes.  Please follow the directions listed in the posting you are interested in.

Do I need a pastoral reference for a non-teaching position?
No.  This is only required for teaching positions.

Do I have to be Catholic to apply for a Non-Teaching job opportunity?
Recruitment, retention and promotion activities are subject to the Board’s denominational rights and conducted in accordance with legislation. It is only a requirement for a permanent Early Childhood Educator position to be Catholic.