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Automobiles, wood products, petroleum and coal products, iron and steel mills, primary metals and fabricated metal products, electricity, plastics and rubber products, printing, biotechnology, textiles, clothing and leather products are all aspects of the manufacturing sector.  In Ontario, the manufacturing sector still accounts for the greatest number of jobs with its production of consumer and industrial goods that are essential for the province's prosperity.

An article on the website of the Alliance of Sector Councils explains that the manufacturing sector is under tremendous pressure as a result of multiple external stresses, including marketplace globalization, an accelerated pace of technological change, and a global financial crisis.  The alliance reports that manufacturers are now urgently refocusing their strategies to remain competitive and continue to be an important part of the Canadian economy.

The manufacturing industry is committed to addressing skills development, labour market, and human resource issues across the various sectors within Canadian manufacturing.  This will provide new employment opportunities for students choosing to pursue a career in this sector.

The SHSM - Manufacturing enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before graduating and entering apprenticeship training, college, university or an entry-level position in the workplace.