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Teaching Job Postings FAQs

How do we apply to the board for teaching positio​ns?
We use and post all positions through the website. To apply to the board, apply electronically to any position posted o
Do I have to be Catholic to apply for a Teaching job opportunity?
Recruitment, retention and promotion activities are subject to the Board’s denominational rights and conducted in accordance with legislation, therefore it is a requirement to be Catholic for a Teaching job opportunity.

If I already have a pastoral letter of reference do I have to complete the board's pastoral letter of reference?
The board requires a pastoral letter of reference, but it does not have to be the board's pastoral form. We will accept pastoral references from other boards or a pastoral letter of reference from your priest. To view the pastoral letter of reference template, please click here
Teaching Pastoral Letter of Reference .

How old can the pastoral reference be?
The pastoral letter of reference has to be current and can't be more than one year old.

If I have any teaching related questions, who do I contact?
Any questions can be directed to [email protected] or you can call at 519-821-4640 ext. 219.