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Using the outdoors as its primary classroom, the Terra Program will facilitate students taking a Grade 10 academic program in experiencing four credits through the lens of outdoor education, character development, leadership, teambuilding, faith, and land stewardship.  This specialized district program is a  four-credit package – Theology (HRE 20E), Careers and Civics (CHV/GLC20E), Outdoor Activities (PAD 20E) and English (ENG 2DE).
Terra students will:
• engage in experiential learning in all subject disciplines, in a variety of different contexts
• plan, organize and facilitate activities for Grade 3 students at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre throughout the semester
• take full advantage of the location through gardening, prayer, food, reflection, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing and various other outdoor experiences that enhance awareness, team building and leadership