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De-Streaming: What Our Wellington Catholic Families Need To Know

What is streaming?

Streaming is the practice of separating students based on perceived ability into different course types such as Academic, Applied and Locally Developed, impacting access to all available post-secondary pathways.

What is de-streaming?

De-streaming is the practice of offering course options to students in one stream. De-streaming courses in Grade 9 will provide students with time needed to successfully transition to high school and will allow more time for students to explore their interests and post-secondary pathways options.

Why are Grade 9 courses being de-streamed?

Grade 8 is too early for many students to make decisions about post-secondary pathways. Studies have shown that early streaming in high school has a significant negative and long-term impact on a student’s available post-secondary options. De-streaming Grade 9 courses is part of the Ministry of Education’s commitment to addressing systemic discrimination and helping break down barriers for all students so that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, thrive, and reach their full potential.

How does a de-streamed class support my child’s learning?

Studies show that students benefit from learning in groups of students of varied abilities and interests and in environments where teachers have high and appropriate expectations for all students.

What courses will be de-streamed in Grade 9?

Starting in September 2022, Math, Science, English, French and Geography will all be offered in a de-streamed format for students.

Grade 10 courses are currently being offered at the Applied and Academic level. How do I know which courses my child should take in Grade 10?

It is important to make an informed choice about the decision to enroll in the Academic or Applied pathway in Grade 10.  Enrolling in the Applied program impacts which courses are available for a student to take in Grades 11 and 12 and the post-secondary programs to which your child can apply.  It will be important to consider your child’s interests, and what post-secondary programs your child is considering. Our secondary guidance counsellors and school teams are available to help talk to you about these decisions.

Supporting Students with Special Education Needs: What Our Wellington Catholic Families Need To Know

My child has special education needs, how will they be supported in a de-streamed program?

Teachers will continue to:

  • implement the Individual Education Plan for students who have Special Education needs
  • work collaboratively with Special Education Resource Teachers to support students in their de-streamed courses


Why is my child being recommended for a Locally Developed Program?

Students who are recommended for Locally Developed programming in Grade 9:

  • Have an Individual Education Plan that indicates they are working on significantly modified curriculum expectations AND require the specialized programming that is provided in the Locally Developed program
  • Are not yet working on grade level expectations and require further direct, explicit instruction in core subject areas (English, Math and Science)


What pathway options (Apprenticeship, College, University, Workplace) do students have if enrolled in Locally Developed courses?

  • Students who complete Locally Developed courses in Grades 9 and 10 are being prepared to go directly into Grade 11 Workplace course which lead to employment and/or apprenticeship opportunities after high school
  • Students who successfully complete Locally Developed courses in Grade 9 can take the same Grade 9 subject in the de-streamed format. This pathway could then lead to college, apprenticeship or university programs in Grades 11 and 12.


I still have questions about which Grade 9 courses my child should take. Who should I speak to?

Your elementary school team will be able to provide you with additional information and support needed to help with your child’s Grade 9 course selection.  Our secondary guidance counsellors and school teams will also be available to discuss and help you in making these decisions for your child.