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Catholic Education Week


Catholic Education Week

Each year, the Catholic community of Ontario engages in a week-long celebration of the unique identity and distinctive contributions of Catholic education during Catholic Education Week. This year’s celebration is entitled, “Catholic Education: We are called to love” and will be celebrated during the week of May 5 – May 10. The theme for Catholic Education Week 2024 was inspired by the following considerations:

  • With joyful anticipation of the Jubilee Year of 2025, we are inspired by Pope Francis announcing the theme of “Pilgrims of Hope.” With open hearts of love, we can continue to “fan the flame of hope” for a bright future.
  • On the fifth anniversary of Renewing the Promise, we celebrate that Catholic Education is centred on our Christian call to love. This love permeates how we live in the world and as we act with love, we build a better future. As Pope Francis stated in 2023, “He wants us to be artisans of a new history, weavers of hope, builders of the future, peacemakers.”
  • The theme of the synod, “Enlarge the Space of Your Tent,” invites us to listen in love, to be a healing presence to one another and to strengthen relationships.
  • In his visit to Canada last summer, Pope Francis gave us hope for our continued work for Truth and Reconciliation. Through prayer and a commitment to love, stronger bonds are forming and a new way forward is emerging.
  • Catholic Education Week comes at the same time as Mental Health Awareness Week. Through love and compassion, we continue to support each other’s wellbeing. God is love and we are always called to live out this love.
  • In our continued work for Equity and Inclusion in Catholic schools, a focus on love reminds us that all God’s children are loved unconditionally.


The five sub-themes for Catholic Education: We are called to love are:

Day 1:              As people of hope / Dans l’espérance

Day 2:              As people of faith / Dans la foi

Day 3:              As people of mercy / Avec compassion

Day 4:              As people of justice / Dans la justice

Day 5:              As people of joy / Dans la joie

For more information about Catholic Education Week and to access OCSTA Resources, visit the OCSTA website​. ​
We encourage you to read through Most Rev. Douglas Crosby, OMI Bishop of Hamilton message for Catholic Education Week.