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Tax Support


By registering your child in a Wellington Catholic school, you have chosen to support Catholic education in Ontario.  It is important to help protect and preserve our Catholic education system by ensuring you are registered as an English Separate (Catholic) School supporter.   You do this by directing your tax support to the separate school system.  

Direction of school support should be made even if you do not have children attending school.  All Catholic ratepayers are partners in Catholic education.  As well, your school support entitles you to vote for Catholic school trustees in municipal elections.  Ultimately, your commitment will make a difference to the future of Catholic education and demonstrate the ongoing support of the general public for the Catholic school system in Ontario.

To verify that you are an English Separate (Catholic) School Supporter:

1.          Check the assessment section of your Tax Bill or Property Assessment Notice Or

2.         Check your Voter Information Card during an election year

By directing your tax support to the separate school system:

  • You may vote for Separate School Trustees in municipal elections
  • Your children may attend Catholic elementary schools
  • You show your support for the Catholic school system
  • You help to support the Board’s population projections, which impacts funding
  • Your record of school support is part of an assessment base that is used to determine the number of Trustees elected to each board
Will my taxes increase if I support Catholic schools?
No. Changes to the direction of school support do not result in any additional cost to taxpayers.
Have you moved?
Even if you have been an English Separate (Catholic) School Supporter in the past, the designation DOES NOT follow you when you relocate. Every time you move, it is essential that you re-register yourself as an English Separate School supporter.
What if you rent?
In Ontario, the tenant has the right to direct school support. If you are renting your place of residence, your landlord is the owner (who may or may not be Catholic) and you are the tenant. You may direct your support to Public-Separate provided your unit is self-contained.
What is a Separate School Lease Agreement?
If you and your spouse co-own your residence, but your spouse is not Catholic, he/she must “rent” the rights to direct the direction of tax support to you (the Catholic). This is done through a Separate School Lease Agreement.
A Separate School Lease Agreement is an additional document required by the government which allows people jointly responsible for the payment of property taxes, either directly through ownership or indirectly through the payment of rent, one of whom is non-Catholic, to direct school support to the Catholic system. Only one school support designation is allowed for each household (e.g. a self-contained residential unit) and only Roman Catholics (including Greek and Ukrainian Catholics) may support the Separate School Board.
A Roman Catholic who has signed a separate school lease agreement will be shown as a tenant – This does not affect their ownership.
The Application for Direction of School Support and/or Lease forms are available for your convenience online, or from any Wellington Catholic District School Board School or the Catholic Education Centre (Board Office).
Click here to download the Application for Direction of School Support Form​
Click here to download the Separate School Support Lease Form
Thank you for your support!

Your ongoing support of Catholic schools is instrumental in the preservation and enhancement of our system.  When you direct your support to the English Separate (Catholic) system, you are sending a powerful message which says:

  • You support Catholic schools in your community
  • You want to see Catholic schools continue to exist and flourish
  • You want equitable resources for your Catholic schools
The future of Catholic Education in Ontario depends on all of us!