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School Support Designation


As a property owner in Ontario, you are required to support a school board, even if you do not have children or your children are not currently attending school. By default, your school support is directed to your municipality’s English Public School Board.


In the case of a residential property occupied by tenants, they can direct the school support for that property.


Property owners, occupants, and tenants can select which school board they choose to support. Additionally, you will be able to vote in the next municipal election for trustees for the school board that you choose to support.


The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is legislatively required to collect school support information and provide it in the assessment roll to every municipality and school board.


Changing your school support online


Based on your eligibility, property owners and tenants registered with MPAC can view and update the school support designation online.

To learn more about eligibility requirements or change your school support designation, please visit, scan the QR code, or download the form here




What if I have difficulty updating my school support online?


A step-by-step guide is available on which will help users navigate MPAC’s school support portal. Alternatively, you can obtain the Application for Direction of School Support (ADSS) Form from or from your school board’s office. To register or for further assistance with the online school support tool, you can contact MPAC’s Customer Contact Centre at 1-866-296-6722 or 1-877 889-6722 (TTY).


Municipal Property Assessment Corporation contact information:

1340 Pickering Parkway, Suite 101

Pickering ON L1V 0C4

Email via:

Will my taxes increase if I support Catholic schools?
No. Changes to the direction of school support do not result in any additional cost to taxpayers.
Have you moved?
Even if you have been an English Separate (Catholic) School Supporter in the past, the designation DOES NOT follow you when you relocate. Every time you move, it is essential that you re-register yourself as an English Separate School supporter.
What if you rent?
In Ontario, the tenant has the right to direct school support. If you are renting your place of residence, your landlord is the owner (who may or may not be Catholic) and you are the tenant. You may direct your support to Public-Separate provided your unit is self-contained.

MPAC will continue to accept the paper Application for Direction of School Support (ADSS) forms which can be accessed through the MPAC website at or by downloading through this link